GLANDEX GL-2014 (VALVE GLAND PACKING): GL-2014 is 100% pure, expanded, virgin PTFE self lubricating, easy to use valve packing. It is widely recommended for use on valves for obtaining virtually zero leakage can also be used in place of gasket in flanged joint.

GLANDEX GL-2041: Very flexible, supple, pure expanded graphite packing suitable for up to 65 degree C. It can be used in steam, water, oils, alkalies, acids, paints varnishes etc. the benefits of this packing are low friction and excellent thermal conductivity.

GLANDEX GL-2042: High quality carbon fibre impregnated with graphite and an inert lubricant, has excellent heat dissipating properties and very low coefficient of friction suitable for high temperature up to 65 degree C can be used for thermic fluids pumps, boiler feed water pumps in paper and pulp plants, power plants etc.

GLANDEX GL-2061: Unique rotary packing combines the benefit of PTFE and graphite. It has chemical resistance of PTFE and heat dissipation qualities of graphite. It is used in chemicals, petrochemicals, paper and pulp industries, textile industries, power plant etc.

GLANDEX GL-2083: A high quality packing which is a combination of graphite bonded with PTFE yarn with aramide corners makes it suitable for applications involving abrasive media, slurry, high pressure pumps etc.