MT-1020 (MULTI-USE PENETRATING OIL): A Multipurpose lubricating spray for loosening rusted parts and for corrosion protection and light lubrication of machine parts.

MT-1120 HD (HEAVY DUTY PENETRATING SPRAY): Heavy duty extreme performance multipurpose penetrating oil spray for rusted assemblies, chains, hinges and machine parts.

MT-1022 (OFFLINE CONTACT CLEANER): Electrical contact spray used for cleaning electrical circuits and circuit breakers, electronic components, PCBs etc. for offline application.

MT-1023 (ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS AND PCB CLEANER): Fast acting Electronic component cleaner to remove flux and old coating from PCB’s.

MT-1024 (AUTOCONER SPRAY): Autoconer spray provides optimum lubrication and cleaning to splicer’s and knotters in autoconer m/cs in textile spinning plants.

MT-1026 (ON LINE CLEANER): Electrical on line contact cleaner Spray used for online cleaning of electrical circuits, circuit breakers, switches etc. up to max. of 440v.

MT-1028 (CLEANER AND DEGREASER): Heavy duty cleaning and degreasing spray used for degreasing and cleaning mechanical m/c parts like bearings, slides etc. It is also a very usefull product to clean moulds in plastic injection moulding plants.

MT-1040 (MOTOR CYCLE CHAIN OIL): This is a chain oil spray designed to lubricate automobile chains. It provides protection from corrosion in humid environment. It gives a longer re-lubrication cycle to motorcycle chains. You wont find any squeaking or squeezing sounds in chains after lubrication with MT-1040 spray.

MT-1041 (MOULD RELEASE SPRAY): Silicon based mould release spray for injection moulding, blow moulding and as release agent for different applications.

MT-1042 (ADHESIVE CHAIN OIL): An adhesive chain oil spray designed for lubrication of industrial chains, small gears, drives and wire ropes. Heavy duty water and chemical resistant spray used in multiple applications in industries.

MT-1043 (NON SILICON MOULD RELEASE): Silicon free mould release spray for injection moulding where after moulding printing or painting is required.

MT-1046 (MoS2 BONDED COATING SPRAY):  This is used as dry and permanent lubrication of moving parts operating in tough/severe conditions. Applications: This is used for lubrication of spindles, lead screws, cams, threaded pats , sliding surfaces and similar parts operating up to +450 degree c.

MT-1048 (TEFLON SPRAY): Used for lubrication of open gears, rollers and sliding surfaces upto temp. 230 degree c.

MT-1049 (AL- ZINC METALLIC SPRAY): This spray provides protection from rust and corrosion by electrochemically bonding with metal surface. This is used for touch ups on left out portions of galvanized parts.

MT-1070 (CORROSION PROTECTION COATING): Corrosion protection coating for tools, gauges and m/ c parts. It gives a wet oily film on the surface which provides good protection in indoor and outdoor applications.

MT-1071 (PCB COATING): Fast drying , transparent acrylic PCB coating for protection against moisture and dust. It meets MIL-I 46058C and RoHS requirements.

MT-1072 (CORROSION PROTECTION WAX COATING): Waxy coating for moulds, dies, gauges and finally finished machined components etc which provides very good long term protection against rust and corrosion.

MT-1075 (MOLY SPRAY): Useful for lubrication of sliding surfaces can be used for dry lubrication of small gears, cams and slides.

MT-1077 (BELT DRESSING SPRAY): This spray is used for dressing industrial rubber belts for prevention of belt squeaking, slip and drying out.

MT-1078 (HT CHAIN OIL SPRAY): Synthetic high temperature chain oil spray for the chains of drying and baking ovens.

MT-1079 (ZINC COAT): Spray used for coating and repairing of zinc galvanized surface damaged after welding or cutting. It provides protection against corrosion and rust.

MT-1080 (INSULATING VARNISH): This gives tough and flexible coating which protects and insulates motor windings in-situ.

MT-1081 (MOISTURE AND RUST GUARD SPRAY): Green colored easily distinguishable corrosion protection coating for dies, moulds, tools, gauges and machined parts. Useful for indoor and outdoor protection.